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TR2 TR3 Door Latch Pull Straps

Correct leather interior door latch pull straps and hardware, including finishers and latch bolt spacers for smallmouth cars.  These will need to be covered in your interior material before use.

One kit required per car.



TR2 TR3 Glove Box Door Facing

Wood facing and correct slotted screws for TR2-3B 'cubby box' doors.  Correct thickness 7-ply micro plywood, necessary for a good grip on those tiny screws.  Beveled edge along hinge side, as original.  Specify LHD or RHD.  NOTE:  These are the exact size of original parts, and most modern vinyls are thicker than original material.  Test fit and sand edges to allow for thicker vinyl (if necessary) before covering.

One kit required per car.



TR2 TR3 Rear Wheel Arch Padding

Rear wheel arches on the sidescreen cars were originally THINLY padded on the top side only. Toss out that thick carpet pad that comes with the wheel arch covers supplied by some of the usual sources, and install this 1/8" pad which is closer to the original spec.  Check my "How To" page for an article on installing these covers.



TR2 TR3 Dimmer Switch Bracket

I got tired of trying to patch up rusty and bent dimmer switch brackets, so I had these exact duplicates of the early style (pre TS60000) brackets made.  For use with the type switch shown in the photo.  DIMMER SWITCH NOT INCLUDED.



TR2 TR3 Firewall Blanking Plate

Early TR2/3's could be built as LHS or RHS cars.  This blanking plate closed the master cylinder opening on the passenger side of the car up to about TS47500.  Most TR3A's had a blanking plate with a recessed edge, while the TR2/3's used this flat style plate.  This early style plate will also fit on the later TR3A's.



TR2 TR3 Body Drain Tube Set

Trunk drain tubes (2) and battery box drain tube (1) for TR2-TR3B.  Moss gets $3.95 EACH for these (680-825)!  When judging concours, I only check to see if they're there, not how much you paid for them!

One set required per car.


Kit #MCY118V is the 3 tubes as above, PLUS an additional 29" drain tube for the cowl vent.





TR2-TR3B Steering Column Stator Tube

Stainless steel stator tubes are back!  Short slots (MCY119) are for standard steering wheel cars, and the long slots (MCY119A) are for cars equipped with the adjustable steering wheels.  Complete with 2 vinyl anti-rattle spacers in place of the original "Chinese lantern" anti-rattle clips which are cost prohibitive to reproduce.





Most TR2 Cubby Box Hinges were painted to match the interior.  If you are going to paint your hinge specify "TR2", and I'll send a natural hinge that is NOT polished to facilitate easier painting.

TR2 TR3 Cubby Box Door & Hinge

Brand new glove box doors and hinges, produced exclusively by Macy's Garage.  Used ones bring over $50 on eBay, so I decided it's time that these were finally reproduced!  You'll see these available from some of the usual sources, and they buy them from us!  Read Birth of a Reproduction Part under Tech Talk.

 Exact replacement aluminum door with hinge attached by OEM style round head rivets.  Polished stainless steel hinge looks like the chrome original in every detail, but won't ever rust!  Includes stainless steel hardware to attach to your dash.  Please specify LHS or RHS.




TR3 Grille Moulding Joint Cover Set

New stainless steel joint covers for TR3 grille reveal mouldings.  Sold as a pair with stainless steel nuts and lock-washers.  Read about fitting adjustments and installation tips HERE before ordering.



TR3 Grille Surround Moulding Attachment Studs

Complete set of 9 studs w/nuts & lockwashers to mount the grille surround mouldings to the front apron of a smallmouth TR3.  Studs are plated for corrosion resistance, nuts & washers are stainless steel.  Exact reproductions of original parts.



TR3 Grille Moulding Kit

After years of failed attempts to have these mouldings made, and frustrations with the poor fit of the new mouldings that are available, I have come up with a chrome plated stick-on body side molding that is close enough to the original profile that it will pass for the real deal 99% of the time.  Supplied in the correct lengths for upper and lower originals, and a pair of our joint covers to complete the charade.  And the best part is that it's all at a price that's less than half the cost of having just one of your old damaged mouldings straightened and re-plated!




TR2/3 Hardtop Rear Window

Finally, a correct rear window for the TR2/3 factory steel hardtops, 100% as original in every way.  For years, hardtop prices have been depressed because windows were unobtainable.  Look for that to change now!  Shipped with the proper rubber seal and locking strip.




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