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                            TR6 Body Shell

Macy's Garage, Ltd.

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This is quite the rarity today, a virtually new TR6 body tub (74-76), all ready to save that extremely rusty TR6 that you so dearly love!  While Heritage body shells have not been available for many years now, those were all reproduction parts and there were a few fit issues when attempting to put your car back together.  Back when you could buy the reproduction "Heritage" body shells, they were between $12.5-$14K.  Today you can get a new reproduction tub from Revington TR in the UK, and the cost is about 24,000 GBP ($30K US), and then you have to ship it to the USA.  Not a cheap proposition by any means.

Scroll through the photos below, and ask yourself when the last time was that you saw one this nice, if ever.  This project started with an excellent original tub from Texas that was virtually rust free.  We did change one floor pan due to multiple small pin holes, and both bulkhead side "kick" panels were replaced because someone had chopped them up to install radio speakers (raise your hand if you've never done this!).  It has been chemically stripped at Redi-Strip and coated top/bottom and inside/out with epoxy primer.  Need a new tub?  Call, let's talk!  (937) 667-3014.  Price is only $17,500 cash & carry, and a small discount is available if you engage Macy's Garage to complete the restoration of your TR6.