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Fuel Hose Clamps

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To clamp or not to clamp, that is the question.  We all know that Triumph did not install clamps on the small sections rubber fuel hose connecting the carburetors to the fuel pump when the banjo fitting fuel lines were eliminated somewhere around TS40000.  We also know that this is a safety issue that can lead to an engine fire, and both TRA and VTR judges make no deduction during concours judging for the presence of clamps on the fuel hoses.  But seeing several modern worm drive hose clamps in the engine bay of a TR3 or TR4 as shown in this first photo just doesn’t look right to my eyes.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have the safety of clamping the fuel hoses on our Triumphs, and maintain the look of an original engine compartment?  I believe that we can accomplish both goals with the installation of Corbin type clamps on the fuel systems of our Triumphs.  Take a look at this next photo and you’ll probably agree that the Corbin clamp gives a much cleaner looking installation.


You might be familiar with Corbin clamps from their extensive use on lawn mowers and small gas engines.  Installation and removal is easily accomplished with a simple pair of pliers. With a little effort, the three installation tangs can be positioned below the hose so that only the thin black bands will show against your black fuel hoses, making them virtually invisible!


Finding the proper size clamps for our Triumphs took a little bit of trial and error, but I was eventually able to sort it out.  Corbin clamps are “sized” to the clamp I.D., and fuel hose is sized to the hose I.D., so you just need to add ¼” to the hose size to find the clamp size required. 

For the ¼” fuel hose used at the carburetor connections, you need a ½” Corbin clamp.  If not in stock, your local NAPA parts store can order a box of ten ½” Corbin clamps for you (p/n 705-1302), for about $5.00.  If you want to use these unobtrusive clamps on the remainder of your fuel system (tank to fuel pump), you’ll want a box of 9/16” Corbin clamps (for 5/16” hose), p/n 705-1304, also about $5.00 per box.