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History - Page 2

Macy's Garage, Ltd.

America's BEST Triumph Shop!


Based on a foundation of quality workmanship, honesty, and fair pricing, the business flourished.  After 10 years in the "new" location, Roy had planned to visit the banker and remind him of his earlier warning, but he was just too busy to get away on that day!

When I arrived on the scene in 1952, The Macy family had been pumping Sunoco gas and repairing cars in the same location for nearly 20 years.  Cliff had long since retired and sold out to Grandpa Roy, who now ran the whole operation with his son (my Dad) Phil.

Throughout the 1950's, I loved to visit "The Station" whenever I could.  I could always find some way to get dirty (and into trouble for it), and if a car happened to be up on the rack for service, I was under there in a flash to have a look. 

By 1960, Dad moved on to a more promising career and I had a part-time job pumping gas every day after school and on Saturday.  I learned about customer service, integrity, and the importance of doing a job right the first time; all of those qualities which had helped Macy's Garage survive through the tough times of The Depression and WWII.

They say that leaded gas was harmful to children, so today we have to make do with an unleaded variety.  I loved the smell of leaded gas, and the exhaust fumes that went along with it.  As far as I can tell, the only negative effect that I suffered was in becoming addicted to cars, airplanes, and anything else that burns fossil fuels for motive power.  I'm sure that I still have traces of Sunoco 260 running through my veins today!

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