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October 20, 2017

Rusty seat bottoms on TR2-early TR4's are a common problem, and the new reproduction seat pans don't fit very well, so we have to repair as many originals as we can.

The ribs in the bottom of the sat pans are important for strength, and to drop the nuts down so that they don't interfere with the seat springs.  So we made this jig to reproduce the ribs.

Here is a new piece of metal, straight out of our rib jig.  We use a special "drawing" steel, but the edges still pucker in.  From here we will shrink the perimeter back to flat before trimming to fit the bottom of the seat pan.

New repair panel has had the edges shrunk back to flat, trimmed to fit taking care to place the strengthening rib back into the correct position, and tack welded in place to check and verify the placement of the mounting holes before final welding.

Repaired seat pan with the new section fully TIG welded into place.  Once the welds are ground smooth, you will not be able to tell that this was ever in as bad a shape as it was.

Finished seat pan, primed and ready for a trip through our upholstery shop.  Note how the backrest flares out slightly at the top.  This minor difference distinguishes this seat as being correct for a small mouth TR3, and seat covers for a TR3A/B are not going to fit!