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February 12, 2018

Quite often, we have to show an old TR that we are the boss, and that we will be the ones to win in the end.  Take this TR3A engine for instance.  When this car came in to us for a complete restoration, one of the first things we noticed was that the valve cover and rocker shaft were off of the engine, as well as all of the nuts from the head studs.  It was obvious that someone had had the head off, or at least attempted to pull it off in the past, and today we found out which assumption was correct.

When we began the engine disassembly today, we quickly determined that this head had never been removed.  Someone had attempted removal, but it certainly did not come off.  This is probably what stalled the engine repair many years ago, and moved the car to the back of the garage where it patiently waited for a new owner and a new lease on life.  This head was stuck, and it took 3 members of our team and every trick we knew to get the head to release from the one single stud it was stuck on.

The cast iron block and head are somewhat soft and easily gouged, so you must resist the urge to drive a wedge in between the two and pry the head off off of the block.  We have seen blocks and heads both that were damaged beyond salvation by this, so the hammer and pry method has to be used only as a last resort.  When destroying something is the only option left, proceed cautiously and perhaps only destroy one component, not both.  You'll just have to make a conscious decision as to which part to sacrifice, a matching numbers engine block or a cylinder head which is becoming a scarce commodity.  Thankfully, we were able to save both pieces this time, and show the old TR3 who is the boss!