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TR4 Restoration

Macy's Garage, Ltd.

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Before and after photos of a complete TR4 restoration performed 100% at Macy's Garage.  This car was restored to a "High Level Driver" condition, and completely stripped and disassembled with the exception of removing the body from the frame (owner's request).

BEFORE                            AFTER

Now from looking at the before photos above, you might get the impression that this was a pretty nice car to begin with.  That assumption would be wrong, as the reality is that this was nothing more than a typical car with plenty of problems and bodged repairs under layers of bondo and paint.    After all of the removeable panels were stripped at Redi-Strip (Indianapolis), and the body tub had been soda blasted, all of the problems were brought to the surface.  Click on the thumbnail photos below to see what we really had to work with.  Use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.  Rusted battery box, inner and outer sills, floor pans, and bulkhead toe boards all required repair or replacement.  Then there were the patch panels which had to be installed on the outer body panels, not to mention hours with hammer and dolly to straighten all the dents and dings.  It wasn't as pretty and easy as the 'before' photos above might have you believe.


And here's how we went about repairing all of this damage.  We cut patch panels out of new floor pans because there is a slight difference between the original TR4 floors and the replacements (which are really TR4A-TR6 floor pans), plus the originals were in fine shape toward the rear where this difference is found.  The patch panels were trimmed to an exact fit and then butt welded in place.  Once the welds were ground down, the repairs were nearly invisible.  The same process was used to repair both lower front fenders (new patch panels are available again) and the upper left rear fender where a patch was salvaged from an otherwise "junk" fender.  Other small patches were fabricated to repair small areas like the front edge on the LR fender shown below.  Yes, we did have to keep reminding ourselves that this car was supposed to be "Just a Driver"!




First Show....First Place! 

Not too shabby for a "Driver"

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