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TS22646L - Centerville, OH Full Restoration.  Owned since 1965.  TRA 2011 PC-BOS
TS25650L - Bozeman, MT Various small repairs to make car safe & reliable to drive
TS28261L - Portsmouth, OH Transmission, Brakes, and various other small repairs
TS34553LO - Whitmore, MI Complete frame-up restoration
TS41691L - San Diego, CA Currently receiving a full frame up restoration here
TS41782L - Hamilton, OH Various mechanical repairs
TS45710LO - Ft. Wayne, IN Various mechanical repairs
TS46868L - Cincinnati, OH 90% of frame-up restoration Owner assisted assembly
TS50233LO - Waco, TX Various small mechanical repairs
TS55143L - Richmond, KY Bring back to life after many years sitting idle
TS56822LO - Brookline, MA Complete frame-up restoration
TS61118L - Midland, MI Bring back to life after many years sitting idle
TS62790L - Cincinnati, OH Rebuild engine and straighten out various problems from prior restoration elsewhere
TS64554L - Windsor Ontario Overdrive repair
TS69429L - Pensacola, FL Complete frame-up restoration.  Flawless black.
TS69868L - Chicago, IL Repair previous restoration shop’s poor work & errors
TS79993LO - Columbus, OH Rebuild Engine, Gbx, Overdrive, Brakes, Suspension
TCF1254L - Sparta, WI Engine, forward bodywork, interior
TCF1402L - Los Angeles, CA Complete frame-up restoration
TCF1478L - Williamsburg, VA Complete frame-up restoration - Original Owner!
TCF1516LO - Mason, OH Complete Frame-up restoration
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© 2018 - Macy’s Garage, Ltd.
Macy’s Garage
America’s BEST Triumph Shop
TR3A/B Gallery (Mobile device site) Just a sample of the TR3A’s and B’s that we’ve had here in our shop.  To see more examples, visit our website on a large screen computer. TS22646L - Centerville, OH (Owned since 1965!) TS25650L - Bozeman, MT TS34553LO - Whitmore Lake, MI TS41691L - San Diego, CA (currently under restoration) TS50233LO - Waco, TX TS64554L - Windsor, Ontario, Canada TS69868L - Chicago, IL TCF1254L - Sparta, WI TCF1402L - Los Angeles, CA TCF1478L - Williamsburg, VA (Original Owner!)