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CT9785L - 1963 TR4 Driver

Macy's Garage, Ltd.

America's BEST Triumph Shop!






1963 TR4 "Driver"    Great entry level car.     Plenty of fun to be had for only $12,500! (FIRM)


Here we have a 1963 TR4 that we acquired with several parts cars, and it was just too good to part out.  The engine was locked up, so we installed a known good used engine that runs smooth, pulls strong, doesn't smoke, and has good oil pressure.  Someone has rebuilt this engine in the past, and we know this because we saw that a new rear crankshaft seal conversion had been installed when we had the oil pan off to check the bearings.  We opened up the transmission and measured the synchro clearances, changed the front and rear seals and installed it behind a resurfaced and balanced flywheel and a new balanced clutch.  New clutch slave and master cylinders finish off a drive train that is dependable and runs extremely well.  Starter, generator, and carburetors have all been rebuilt, and the radiator and heater cores were cleaned and tested by our local radiator shop.  We installed one of our own Hurricane fan blades, and we don't hesitate to jump in this one and drive it just about anywhere!


We rebuilt the front and rear suspension and brakes all around and installed a stainless steel exhaust system.  The interior is a mixture of good used parts along with a new Robbins top, new seat belts, and a new Moss carpet set that all looks great with the original style white dash.  All of the electrical system was checked and tested and a new battery was installed, so all lights and gauges presently work as they should (no Lucas jokes today!).  There's plenty more that was checked, repaired, and replaced in the 200 hours we worked on this car (that's a $14,400 labor value alone, not counting parts and the beginning value of the car), but you get the idea without the need for me to dig through all of my paperwork.  If I listed everything we've done here, I'd probably have to raise the price!


Originally a powder blue car, someone in the past has given it a cheap red paint job over minimal and poorly done bodywork, so up close this car is UGLY, but then again I am used to seeing all of the flawless paint and perfect body gaps on our full restorations.  If you want pretty, we can make it that way, but it's going to cost a whole lot more than $12.5k!  This is what we call a "20 footer", as it looks great when viewed from that distance (and in photos).  It will also look terrific in motion as you drive past pedestrians on the street, but if anyone moves in close for a better examination all of the warts will come quickly into focus.  If you want a car to drive and have fun without worrying about a stone chip in the paint, a car you could drive down to the hardware store or the grocery without fear of getting a door ding, then this absolutely is the car for you!  Come here and drive this car and you'll quickly appreciate all that it has to offer, and then drive it home to wherever you might live with the confidence that it has been thoroughly serviced by Macy's Garage!