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That TR was your baby.  It took you to all of those places and events that defined your youth.  And when it started to look a little rough around the edges, you tucked it away and vowed to some day give it the restoration that it deserved.  Maybe you started to take it apart, but life got in the way and your precious car sat quietly and waited for 'some-day' to arrive, and now the task before you seems overwhelming.  Perhaps it's time to call in an expert who can reunite you with that fabulous car you once loved so much.  From minor repairs and component overhaul to full frame-up restoration, we have the time, talent, tools and expertise to return that special Triumph to its former glory for you.  Let us finish your stalled project!  Learn more about Restoration Cost under the Tech Talk index.

At Macy's Garage, your Triumph will be pampered like one of the family.  Our specialty is Triumph sports cars, and we don't work on anything else.  I would never consider having a Triumph serviced or restored by a Corvette specialist, nor would I visit a Proctologist for a Cardiac problem.  I'm also skeptical about those who promote themselves as being able to work on any car, all foreign cars, or even all British cars.  At Macy's Garage, you can be confident that our intimate knowledge of the TR2-6 cars will result in a better finished product at a much lower cost because you won't be paying an hourly rate while we research and learn about your car.  We already know which holes in the firewall were added by a previous owner and need to be filled before any paint is applied.  We also know that the cage nuts for mounting the wiper motor need to be repaired before the front fender is installed.  We'll recognize immediately that your TR3A has a TR2 gas tank in it, and we know up front that this is going to cause a problem fitting the upholstery during final assembly.  All of these issues and hundreds more that we've encountered will add hours to your bill at a shop that doesn't specialize in Triumph sports cars.  We continually get cars here to be repaired after they've been serviced or "restored" by other shops, and we're always amazed at the prices that were charged, and the poor results that the customer received.  The saddest part isn't that the owners have overpaid for what they received, or that they'll have to pay us to re-do work that's already been done incorrectly, but that the next unsuspecting TR owner who approaches one of these places will have their inquiry answered "Triumph?.....Sure, we've worked on those before".  Choose Macy's Garage for all of your Triumph repairs and save yourself time, dollars, and heartburn by having it done right the first time!

We're well known for our expertise with the TR2-6 models, high quality workmanship, and producing cars which not only turn heads and win shows but can be driven anywhere and enjoyed without fear of mechanical breakdowns.  As a result of our stellar reputation, we always have a lengthy waiting list so don't wait until you are ready to have work performed before placing that first call.  We don't let your cars or parts stack up here gathering dust, and if it's here you'll know that it's being worked on.  It also won't leave here until it's done RIGHT!  If you're in a big hurry or have a deadline you're trying to meet, we probably won't be able help you because we firmly believe that quality is something which cannot be rushed.  We also know for a fact that cars can only be built in one or two weeks on TV, and we know the results of those dramatic thrashes are not something that you'd be 100% satisfied with.

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Macy's Garage is a COMPLETE Triumph Service and Restoration shop.  Everything except chrome plating and engine machining is performed in-house so we can control the quality and guarantee the results.  We stand behind our work, and are happy to provide you with all the references you'll need.  From a 'semi-retired' tail light that only works part time, to a complete frame-up restoration, we have the knowledge, skill, experience, special tools and equipment, parts resources, and most importantly the passion for doing it right.

Forgotten Cars

We get a lot of Triumphs that were parked for one reason or another, and then "forgotten" for many years.  In most cases they don't need a full restoration to be driven and enjoyed, but returning them to 'driver' status is a big job that involves checking the safety items (suspension, steering, and brakes) and replacing all rubber hoses and all fluids at a minimum.  If it's time for your Triumph to return to the road after a long sleep, give us a call!

Routine Maintenance
Normal maintenance for an older car is not 'normal' anymore.  Even for something as simple an an oil change, you might be a little reluctant to trust the corner oil change place.  They won't have the oil filter, or know where to get one.  Chances are that they haven't seen a zerk fitting all week, and as for them finding all 23 on your '57 Triumph TR3...forget about it! 

Body Repair

Auto sheet metal fabricators posses old world skills that are most uncommon today.  Whether you need one spot of rust repaired on one fender, or an entire body made as solid and straight as new, the results you'll get here are certain to exceed your expectations.  We perform all rust repair and metal work in our shop utilizing three (3) Auto Twirler rotisseries and professional fabrication equipment which allows us to repair and replace rusted metal faster and better than any typical body shop.  We believe in working the metal with hammers and dollies to minimize filler use, and rusted metal is always replaced with proper repair panels and fabricated patches which are completely welded in place and ground smooth for invisible repairs.  (See Bodywork Basics for more details about this.)  Door gaps and panel alignment always receive special attention to produce results that get noticed for quality.

Brakes & Suspension
While an original 'older' auto like the Triumphs we love so much will never handle and stop like a modern car, proper maintenance and repair will assure that they will perform as they were designed to do when new.  Your comfort and safety, and your overall enjoyment of the car are our primary goals when rebuilding the suspension and braking systems of your Triumph.


I have been repairing and rebuilding carburetors since the mid 1960's.  In a time when carburetors are rare and service 'technicians' need a computer to fix your car, it's important to find a shop like Macy's Garage that still knows the difference between a Quadra-Jet and a British SU.


   HINT:  The photo at the right shows neither one!    

  Care to guess what the problem is?           

Let's start by hooking up the code reader.  

WHAT?  No data port for the computer?     

WHAT DO I DO NOW??????                    


Starters that won't start, generators that refuse to generate, and the aforementioned tail light that only works part-time.  All of these maladies and more can affect Triumphs and their infamous Lucas electrical systems, and I have the ability to make things right again.  These are extremely important skills today for cars where parts are no longer available at the local parts house, either new or 're-built'.  While wiring issues or harness replacement scares most people, I say "Bring it on!"

I just love to make Triumph engines purr, whether it needs a minor tune-up or a major overhaul.  Unleaded gasoline conversions are something you should consider anytime the cylinder head is off, and if the crankshaft is out we'll recommend a rear seal conversion.  Want more power without sacrificing driveability?  Our 'Street Performance' rebuilds will have you grinning from ear to ear!  Learn more on our engine rebuild page HERE.

Here's one component of your car that has had a hard life, and some were harder than others.  Even in the absence of outright abuse, your car's transmission has suffered from the effects of miles and time.  I've been replacing clutches and overhauling manual gearboxes since the late 1960's, when all of mine led that 'harder life' I was referring to!  We routinely overhaul TR gearboxes and overdrives, and they work so well that you won't ever be tempted by one of those Japanese conversions!

Just like the transmission, the rear end has handled every bit of power that your engine has produced over the years.  There are numerous bearings and bushings inside which can also rust and pit while the car sits for years awaiting restoration.  Many special and expensive tools, plus precise measuring equipment are required to overhaul a rear end, and the job is not something which can be easily accomplished by the average restorer.  With regard to Triumph sports cars, this is also not a job that can be done while the rear end is still in the car.  So while you've got your car apart for restoration, I highly recommend that you do more than just clean and paint the outside of your rear axle assembly.  Treat your rear axle to a proper restoration at Macy's Garage, just like the rest of your car will be getting!  Read more about rear differential overhauls in the "How To" area of our web site.

Let's face it, it's no fun to drive a car with worn or ripped seats that have foam or springs showing through.  The interior of your car is the part that you have to look at when you're out for a drive.  You'll want your interior to look it's best, and my 40+ years of auto trim experience and attention to detail is something that will make you proud.  I have performed exhaustive research on TR interiors, and know all of the details which are sure to impress even the toughest concours judge.

Sadly, I am disappointed with the paint jobs that I see on most collector cars at the shows I attend.  You should be able to 'read' your t-shirt in the reflection of flawless paint, but mediocre jobs with blurred reflections appear to be the norm today.  If you're building a car to drive, we can also give you a paint finish that looks excellent without going to the "flawless" level where you'd be afraid to drive it!  Collector cars lead pampered lives, and if the body and paint work are done right (without short-cuts or amateur repairs), there's no reason that the paint shouldn't look good 20-30 years after it was done.  Our own paint shop uses premium materials and methods to give your Triumph a long lasting finish that you'll be proud of for years to come.