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Macy's Garage, Ltd.

America's BEST Triumph Shop!


In 1967, at the wise old age of 14, I purchased a 1940 Pontiac Coupe from the local junk yard to build a Chevrolet V-8 powered Hot Rod.  The car was running and drivable shortly after my 16th birthday, and I kept it for the next 28 years.

When Grandpa Roy retired from the service station business in 1969, the Macy's Garage tradition continued on a casual level at my home garage where I would rebuild engines, transmissions and carburetors for all of my friends.  I also had to learn new skills that were needed to transform "The Coupe" into a true show stopper, skills such as body work, paint, and interior trim.

Somewhere during my formative youth, I also acquired a taste for British sports cars.  At various times "The Coupe" shared garage space with an Austin Healey Sprite, Triumph TR6 and an MG Midget, but what I really wanted was a TR4.  Today, my current fleet of collector cars consists of multiple TriumphTR2's TR3's and TR4's (plus a '57 Chevy Sedan Delivery and a  fiberglass '33 Ford Vicky), but mostly I'm just your basic car guy at heart with a big list of other makes and models that I'm always yearning for.

Throughout the years, there's always been some kind of activity at Macy's Garage, as I maintained this sideline 'business' to help others maintain and improve their special cars.  Today, following a career piloting airliners and corporate jets, Macy's Garage is once again a full time operation, employing 10 passionate and meticulous car guys who pamper our clients' Triumphs everyday in our 12,000+ sq. ft. of paint and workshop space.  Whether it's routine service or a ground up restoration, helping to keep these cars on the road is something that will always give us a great amount of pleasure. 

While this may be the new age and the 21st century, I'll never abandon the old fashioned principals of honesty, integrity, customer service, and quality workmanship that I learned so well in the last century.  Those very same qualities are what sustained the original Macy's Garage for so many years, and will never go out of style as far as I'm concerned.  My clients become my friends, their cars are like my children, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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