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TR2/3 Steering Box Overhaul - Page 1

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Here's our subject, a one-piece TR3 steering column and box.  The box overhaul is the same for later cars with split columns. Adjustable wheel column shown at the top, standard wheel column at the bottom (one piece).  The outer tube is 51-15/16" for the adj. wheel, and 52-9/16" for the std. wheel. Using a 1-1/16" socket, remove the drop arm nut.  Don't forget to straighten the bent tabs on the locking washer first! Pull the drop arm off using a pitman arm puller as shown.  The fork tool on the right should NEVER be used as you may bend the rocker shaft inside the steering box and destroy (chip) the worm gear.

A 1/2" wrench is used to remove the 2 bolts from the mounting casting.  Then slide the mount casting off of the steering box. The 1/2" wrench is then used to remove the 3 bolts which hold the top cover in place. Remove the top cover and pull the rocker shaft out of the steering box. A 1/2" wrench or socket will remove the 4 bolts from the end cover.  Save all of the shims that you'll find between the box and cover.

After removing the end cover and shims, you'll find the lower bearing and race.  Remove them and the inner column and worm gear can be removed. The oil seal at the bottom of the box should pop out easily. To remove the rocker shaft bushing, slip a 1" O.D. washer through the lubrication slot at the bottom of the steering box. The 1" O.D. washer will sit perfectly on top of the bushing, and pass through the bore to push the bushing out of the box.

I use a socket that is slightly less than 1" O.D. (and extension) to push on the top of the 1" flat washer. You'll need a press or some other means to apply steady pressure to push the old bushing out of it's bore. Here's how the bushing will come out of the bottom of the box, followed by the washer and socket. Disassembly complete, it's time to start cleaning parts!

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