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CD451LO - Studio City, CA Complete frame-up restoration
CD706L - Englewood, OH Rust repairs to frame & sill, various mechanical repairs. Original Owner!
CD2354L - Turtle Creek, PA Just about everything except body & paint
CD4139L - Flagstaff, AZ Various mechanical repairs. One family ownership!
CD4322L - Morris Plains, NJ Complete frame-up restoration for a long term owner
CD5551L - Ft Lauderdale FL Complete a lengthy and stalled home restoration
CD5644L - Tipp City, OH Various mechanical repairs. Now Mark’s personal “driver”
CD6094L - Roseland, NJ Complete frame-up restoration of a true “Barn Find”. See on before/after.
CD7144L - Springboro, OH Extensive metalwork, body & paint. Owner to reassemble
CD7263L-Orchard Park, NY Extensive metalwork, body & paint. Owner to reassemble
CD8241LO - Adrian, MI Various mechanical repairs. Original Owner!
CC25381L - Alexandria, VA Original owner! Complete frame-up restoration. Early car. 381st TR6 built
CC27160L-W Palm Bch,FL Here now receiving a full frame-up restoration
CC29611LO - Rochester NY Too far gone to save. Parted out by Macy’s Garage
CC57368L - Clayton, OH New wiring harness and numerous other small repairs
CC57406L - Beavercrk OH Numerous mechanical repairs following many years in storage
CC61466L - Doylestown, PA Compl. frame-up restoration for long term owner. Unfortunately we forgot to get good photos when finished.
CC64583LO - Vandalia, OH Engine o/h, rear differential mount repair and suspension work for long term owner
CC65582L - Loveland, OH Multiple small maintenance type repairs
CC75100L - Bellbrook, OH Tuning, brakes, suspension, cooling system, electrical, top & interior work, rust repairs
CC75152L - Coshocton, OH Numerous mechanical repairs
CC7634L - Louisville, KY Here now for complete frame- up restoration
CC78489L - Springboro, OH Metalwork and paint prep to help revive a lengthy home restoration.
CC79301U - Pt Clinton OH Complete a stalled restoration after a local body guy dismantled for paint and then forgot how it went back together. Common story!
CC83044U - New York, NY Here now for full frame-up restoration. One family ownership since new.
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CF2035U - Boston, MA One family ownership from new. Complete frame-up restoration.
CF514U - N Chatham, MA Numerous mechanical repairs
CC85551U - Delaware, OH Brakes, suspension, steering, plus other various mechanical maintenance items
CF2561U - Bramwell, WV Engine o/h and various other sorting for a recently purchased car.
CF2651U - Columbus, OH Engine tuning, electrical work, brakes
CF6894U - Centerville, OH Floor replacement. Return car to running condition after being parked for many years
CF6544U - Harrisburg, PA Could be saved, but rusty frame repairs and mechanical refurbishment are beyond owner’s budget.
CF3460U - Eaton Rapids MI Top install, brakes, cooling system, rear hub bearings
CF8987U - Monument, CO Get car back up and running/driveable after 19 years in storage
CF9095U - Lombard, IL Complete frame-up restoration for original owner!
CF129072U-YelloSprngs OH Routine service for original owner. Car rolled over to 100,000 miles while here! Rare Mallard color.
CF12715U - Toledo, OH Various mechanical repairs
CF9702U - Wadsworth, OH Brakes, suspension, gbx & rear differential overhaul, engine tuning, firewall rust repair
CF13046U-Chagrin Flls OH Various mechanical repairs
CF13669UO-ParadseVlly AZ Here now for complete frame- up restoration. Very nice metal, NO RUST!
CF15014U - Huber Hts., OH Routine maintenance and small issue resolutions. Lives only 3 miles from our shop!
CF13897U - Darien, IL Various mechanical repairs
CF13823U - Scottsburg, IN Fuel system, rear suspension, interior work, gearbox overhaul, brake work
CF15246U - Houston, TX Complete drivetrain overhaul, engine, gbx, rear diff, plus other various small repairs
CF15458UO - Littleton, MA Original owner. Brought to us for evaluation after sitting in storage for 40 years
CF16401U - Chicago, IL Complete frame-up restoration. Long term owner Ratco replacement frame
CF16285U-Alberta, Canada Complete mechanical overhaul following many years in storage
CF16091U - Peebles, OH Top, wiring, brakes plus various other small repairs
CF17160U - Temple, TX Top & interior, carburetor & fuel system repairs, engine tuning, brake work
CF17332U - Belmont, OH Purchased in CA, and dropped here on the way to new home for brakes + other small repairs
CF18842U - Columbus, OH Solve running/tuning issues after engine overhaul and carb rebuild elsewhere
CF18468U - Toledo, OH Metalwork, body & paint. Owner to complete reassembly. Ratco Frame
CF17967U-Montgomery, AL Gbx o/h and various other small repairs, + new top and tires
CF19158U - Honduras Complete drivetrain overhaul plus numerous other repairs prior to car being shipped out of the country
CF20033L - Decatur, IL Complete frame-up restoration. Long term owner
CF21805U - Buchanan, TN Reassemble most of the car after previously being at 2 other shops
CF21167UO - Chahasen MN Complete new interior, paint steel road wheels
CF21147U - Kettering, OH Engine tuning - Make it run after sitting a few years
CF22190U - Byron, IL Carburetors & tuning, brakes & suspension, wiring & cooling system work, Interior change
CF23021U - Charlotte, NC Rust repair and metalwork
CF23248U - Evansville, IN Various repairs to return to driveable condition after sitting several years
CF23649U - Davis, WV Numerous small repairs for a very long-term owner
CF24403UO-Los Gatos, CA Complete frame-up restoration
CF24604UO - Ft Wayne, IN Various mechanical repairs and maintenance
CF24729UO-Grove City OH Various small repairs to get running after a couple years in storage.

This is how we spell EXPERIENCE! - Just a small sample of the Triumph TR250 and TR6 cars we’ve had here in our shop!

CF24981U - Oxford, MI Gearbox o/h plus other various repairs to return to “fun” driving status for long term owner
CF25167U - Ann Arbor, MI Complete frame-up restoration. Long term family ownership
CF28197U - Parkland, FL Multiple mechanical issues which several local shops were unable to resolve
CF28654U - Pittsboro, IN Complete mechanical rebuild for original owner after he parked it for 27 years.
CF29137UO - Paducah, KY Various mechanical repairs. Catch up on deferred maint. for original owner.
CF30030UO-Nameless, NM Complete frame-up restoration, then DRIVEN home by happy owner!
CF30063UO-Hamltn,ON,CA Here now for complete frame- up restoration for long term owner
CF35784U - Troy, OH Engine o/h + various small mechanical repairs & maintenance
CF36643U - Melbourne, FL Brakes, suspension, carbs, engine tuning, gearbox o/h
CF37071U - Ft Wayne, IN Various small repairs to improve driveability of recently purchased car.
CF39555U - Brighton, MI Engine, suspension, brake performance upgrades. New interior w/color change
CF39421UO-Johnstown, PA Make run/drive after 10 year storage. Restore, paint, and install hardtop
CF38794U - Groveland, IL GBX overhaul + Various other mechanical repairs. Original owner!
CF38366U - Dayton, OH Various mechanical repairs & maintenance. Original Owner!
CF37487U - Marthas Vinyrd Complete frame-up restoration. 25-year owner.
CF51038UO-Pickeringtn OH Extensive mechanical repairs
CF50602U - Cincinnati, OH Cooling system work and new convertible top installation. Long term owner
CF50361U - Tecumseh, MI Rear differential replacement. Original was totally destroyed, not able to be rebuilt
CF50239U - Columbus, GA Gbx overhaul, suspension & brakes, cooling & fuel system. Repair rear differential pin
CF50013U - Boerne, TX Brought to us in pieces for full restoration. Beautiful car now!
CF51227U - Lebanon, OH Gbx overhaul and new clutch for Original Owner.
CF53769U-Reynoldsbrg OH Tuning, suspension, & brakes. Original owner
CF51402UO-Boyne City, MI Engine overhaul plus other various mechanical repairs
CF52819U - Bay Village, OH Various mechanical & wiring. New interior. Arrived partially disassembled. Make run/drive.
CF51662UO - Niceville, FL Complete frame-up restoration. Non-standard colors, air cond. Beautiful car!
CF56900U - Brecksville, OH Numerous small repairs, complete interior change
CF54540U - VllyCottage NY Here now for complete frame- up restoration
CF55698UO-Blmfld Hills MI Various mechanical repairs
CF56118U - Johnstown, PA Various mechanical repairs after years in storage
CF56648UO - Orlando, FL Complete reassembly following paint elsewhere. Rebuild drivetrain & add a/c.
CF58067U - Akron, OH Gearbox & o/d, suspension & brakes. Repair broken rear differential mount pin
CF58162UO - Gahanna, OH Partial assembly and various mechanical repairs
CF58262UO-Liberty Twp OH Various small repairs.
CF57811 - Jersey City, NJ Canadian spec, one family ownership. Complete frame- up restoration, Ratco frame
CF57023U-Farmersville, OH Performance upgrades: Camshaft, valve grind + mill head, carbs & exh header
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TR250/6 Gallery (Mobile device site)

This is how we spell EXPERIENCE!

Just a small sample of the TR250’s and TR6’s that we’ve had here in our shop. To see 100 examples, visit our website on a large screen computer. CD451LO - Studio City, CA CD2354L - Turtle Creek, PA CD3149L - Flagstaff, AZ CD4322L - Morris Plains, NJ CD7263L - Orchard Park, NY CC25381L - Alexandria, VA (381st TR6 built!) CF15246U - Houston, TX CF16401U - Chicago, IL CF20033U - Decatur, IL CF24403UO - Los Gatos, CA CF24981U - Oxford, MI CF25167U - Ann Arbor, MI CF30030UO - Nameless, NM CF50013U - Boerne, TX CF51662UO Niceville, FL CF55698OU - Bloomfield Hills, MI CF57811 - Jersey City, NJ