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TS22605LO-Cp ElizabthME Extensive metalwork and prime. Owner to complete the restoration.
TS22646L - Centerville, OH Full Restoration. Owned since 1965. TRA 2011 PC-BOS Winner!
TS24016L - Bells, TN Full frame-up restoration. Very long term owner
TS24501L - Columbus, OH Metalwork, body & paint. Owner to reassemble.
TS25650L - Bozeman, MT Various small repairs to make car safe & reliable to drive
TS26259 - High Point, NC RHD car. Engine, gearbox, overdrive rebuild + wiring
TS27901L - Onsted, MI Engine, gearbox, overdrive, and rear end overhaul.
TS28261L - Portsmouth, OH Transmission, Brakes, and various other small repairs
TS28376LO - Vero Bch, FL Rear axle overhaul + various other small repairs
TS30742L - Hurricane, WV Multiple small repairs and improvements
TS32994L - St. Joe, IN Multiple small repairs
TS34096L - Bozeman, MT Various repairs to bring back to life after sitting a few yrs.
TS34269L - Brescia, Italy Sold to Italian buyer by Macy’s Garage
TS34553LO - Whitmore, MI Complete frame-up restoration
TS37806L - Huntsville, AL Engine o/h plus other various repairs
TS39404L - Dearborn, MI Various Mechanical repairs. Smallmouth nose on TR3A
TS41223L - Indianapolis, IN Finish a stalled restoration
TS41691L - Livermore, CA Complete frame-up restoration in original colors.
TS41782L - Hamilton, OH Various mechanical repairs
TS42379L - Athens, OH Multiple visits w/multiple repairs & improvements
TS43000L - Springfield, OH Various mechanical repairs and maintenance
TS43037L - De Pere, WI Various mechanical repairs
TS43919L - Johnstown, OH Rear axle overhaul, floor & battery box repl., partial reassembly. Owner to finish
TS44022LO - Talmadge, OH Everything except body & paint
TS45451L - McMurray, PA Complete-frame-up restoration for long term owner
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TS45710LO - Ft. Wayne, IN Various mechanical repairs
TS46761LO - Brescia, Italy Sold to Italian buyer by Macy’s Garage
TS46868L - Cincinnati, OH 90% of frame-up restoration Owner assisted assembly
TS50233LO - Waco, TX Various small mechanical repairs
TS52063L-New Carlisle, OH Original owner. Our “Sad Restoration Story” page is about this car
TS54361L - Roanoke, VA Metalwork, Body, & Paint. Owner completing assembly
TS55143L - Richmond, KY Bring back to life after many years sitting idle
TS55493L - Saginaw, MI Complete frame-up restoration. Long term owner
TS56822LO - Brookline, MA Complete frame-up restoration
TS58393L-Leavenworth,KS Complete drivetrain overhaul, engine, gbx/od, rear diff. Long term owner
TS59621L - Georgetown, IN Solve a cooling system problem, brakes, and other various maintenance
TS60331L - Louisville, KY Various mechanical repairs
TS60723L - Pittsboro, NC Extensive repairs and re-do’s after restoration elsewhere
TS61118L - Midland, MI Bring back to life after many years in storage
TS61523L - Oakwood, OH Various small repairs
TS62031L - San Diego, CA Seats and interior trim
TS62075L - Cincinnati, OH Various mechanical repairs following restoration elsewhere
TS62790L - Cincinnati, OH Rebuild engine and straighten out various problems from prior restoration elsewhere
TS62845LO - Albuquerque Engine & rear diff o/h, Toyota 5-speed conversion. Driven all the way home by owner!
TS63202L - New York, NY Prior restoration attempt was so bad the car was now beyond saving.
TS63234L - Australia Go all through the car and make mechanical repairs before shipment down under
TS64087LO - Phoenix, AZ Gearbox/overdrive and other various mechanical repairs
TS64554L - Windsor Ontario Overdrive repair
TS64953L - Ocean City, MD Numerous small repairs to repair previous restoration
TS66454L - Cincinnati, OH Extensive rust repair and metalwork. Owner to paint and complete restoration
TS67225L - Birmingham, AL Here now for full and complete frame-up restoration
TS69429L - Pensacola, FL Complete frame-up restoration. Flawless black.
TS69663L - Toms River, NJ Complete drivetrain overhaul and whole car reassembly after 15 years at a paint shop.
TS69868L - Chicago, IL Repair previous restoration shop’s poor work & errors
TS69968L - Tipp City, OH Sold to a buyer in NM after mechanical service and upgrades here.

This is how we spell EXPERIENCE! - Just a few of the Triumph TR3A and TR3B cars we’ve had here in our shop!

TS71560L - Floral Park, NY Miscellaneous repairs to steering, suspension, brakes, wiring, + gearbox rebuild
TS73191L - Lake Forest, IL Complete frame-up restoration here
TS76587L - Lima, OH Gearbox & rear axle overhaul. Resolve other small mechanical troubles
TS77510L - Monson, MA Assemble 2-piece body back together with new floors and sills, + various rust repair
TS78254L - Cincinnati, OH Install new rear apron to assist owner with home restoration of his Father’s TR3A
TS78929L - Amherst, OH Make car safe and driveable after lengthy storage period
TS79211L - Kendallville, IN Tuning, brakes, sidecurtains
TS79307L-S Williamson, KY Brakes, suspension, tuning, and various mechanical repairs
TS79993LO-Columbus, OH Rebuild Engine, Gbx, Overdrive, Brakes, Suspension
TS82050L - New York, NY Gearbox o/h plus large laundry list of issues following “restoration” elsewhere.
TSF202L - St Louis, MO Engine, gearbox, o/d, and rear differential overhaul
TSF366L - Springfield, OH Finish a stalled restoration
TCF140L-Upr Arlington, OH Various mechanical repairs and maintenance
TCF151L - Marlette, MI Assemble the last 10% of a stalled home restoration
TCF891L - New Carlisle, OH Engine rebuild, strip and paint engine compartment
TCF1516LO - Mason, OH Complete Frame-up restoration
TCF1478L - Wmsburg, VA Complete frame-up restoration - Original Owner!
TCF1402L - Los Angeles CA Complete frame-up restoration
TCF1254L - Sparta, WI Engine rebuild, forward bodywork, interior
TCF1201L - Hudson, WI Here now for complete frame- up restoration and color change
TCF1539L - W-Chester, OH Overdrive upgrade + various small repairs. Long term family ownership
TCF1861L - Dayton, OH Numerous mechanical repairs following a “restoration” elsewhere
TCF2263L - Gridley, IL Complete frame-up restoration
TCF2800L - Cheshire, CT Numerous small repairs to make car more driveable
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TR3A/B Gallery (Mobile device site)

This is how we spell EXPERIENCE!

Just a sample of the TR3A’s and B’s that we’ve had here in our shop. To see over 70 examples, visit our website on a large screen computer. TS22646L - Centerville, OH (Owned since 1965!) TS24501L - Columbus, OH TS25650L - Bozeman, MT TS30742L - Hurricane, WV TS34553LO - Whitmore Lake, MI TS41691L - San Diego, CA (currently under restoration) TS422379L - Athens, OH TS45451L - McMurray, PA TS50233LO - Waco, TX TS55493L - Saginaw, MI TS56822LO - Brookline, MA TS64554L - Windsor, Ontario, Canada TS69429L - Pensacola, FL TS69868L - Chicago, IL TCF891L - New Carlisle, OH TCF1254L - Sparta, WI TCF1402L - Los Angeles, CA TCF1478L - Williamsburg, VA (Original Owner!) TCF1516LO - Mason, OH