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TS4757L - Tipp City, OH Owned by a member of the Macy’s Garage Team         TS8763LO - Ballwin, MO Best of Show - TRA 2017 & VTR 2018.  Metal repair, body & paint by Macy’s Garage       TS8817L - Huntsville, AL Multiple mechanical and electrical repairs       TS9587L - Seattle, WA Finish assembly of stalled ‘home’ restoration.  Make car to run & drive        TS9751L - Prescot, AZ Restored elsewhere, then shipped to us to make repairs so it would run & drive      TS11083L - Lakeland, FL Multiple Mechanical repairs    TS11797L - Lexington, KY Extensive metalwork, chassis restoration, rear differential.  Owner will complete the restoration. TS12956LO - Muscatine, IA Various mechanical repairs         TS16942LO - Tipp City, OH Mark’s personal “Beater” Goes anywhere, anytime!        TS17734L - Tipp City, OH Mark’s current project Original Winchester Blue car Currently under frame-up restoration + Supercharger! TS1LO - Sandy, UT First production TR2 Complete frame-up restoration        TS981L - Auburn, IN Various mechanical repairs         TS1246L - Brescia, Italy Repaired front frame suspension attachment damage & reassemble car       TS4127L - Dayton, OH Multiple mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic repairs       TS4394 - Chicago, IL (RHS) Too ambitious of a project for owner’s budget.  Most likely scrapped or parted-out
TS18330L - Tipp City, OH Macy’s Garage owned Future plans uncertain Possible autocross racer?
TS18538LO - Cincinnati, OH Brakes, suspension, rear differential overhaul. Long term owner, 40+ years!
TS18859L - Ann Arbor, MI Replace rusty trunk lid and paint to match
TS18931L - Ont. Canada Complete frame-up restoration. Add hardtop “GT Kit” and overdrive. Rare Winchester Blue color
TS19652L - Dublin, OH General check-over and repair as required when owner relocated to Ohio from California
America’s BEST Triumph Shop

This is how we spell EXPERIENCE! - Just a few of the Triumph TR2 and TR3 cars we’ve had here in our shop!

TS19910L - Houston, TX VTR Best of Show 2019. Complete frame-up restoration. Also see on the Before-After Gallery page
TS20447LO - Shawnee, KS Engine, gearbox, overdrive, rear differential overhaul, plus various smaller repairs
More Photos to Follow
TS21508L - Pittsburgh, PA Various small repairs to return car to service after sitting a few years
© 2018-2024 - Macy’s Garage, Ltd.
Macy’s Garage
America’s BEST Triumph Shop
TR2/3 Gallery (Mobile device site)

This is how we spell EXPERIENCE!

Just a sample of the TR2’s and TR3’s that we’ve had here in our shop. To see more examples, visit our website on a large screen computer. TS1LO - Sandy, UT - First Production TR2 TS981L - Auburn, IN TS1246L - Brescia, Italy TS4127L - Dayton, OH TS8763LO - Ballwin, MO TS8817L - Huntsville, AL TS9587L - Seattle, WA TS9751L - Prescot, AZ TS11083L - Lakeland, FL TS18859L - Ann Arbor, MI TS19652L - Dublin, OH