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CT217L - Toronto, Canada Engine rebuild in preparation for competition in the 2014 Alcan 5000 Rally
CT288L - Tipp City, OH Tonda’s car.  Full Concours Restoration.  Best of Show @ TRA 2018 in Blowing Rock,NC
CT2129L - Peru, VT Replacement of extremely rusted frame is not within owner’s budget
CT2166L - Mexico Engine o/h, floor and sill replacement, chassis replacement. Owner to finish
CT2775LO - Terre Haute, IN Complete frame-up restoration
CT2868L - Sidney, OH Engine rebuild, trunk floor replacement, + other various mechanical repairs
CT6488L - Columbus, OH Various mechanical repairs to make driveable again after several years in storage
CT9284L - Chardon, OH Various mechanical repairs. Long term owner
CT9785L - Covington, OH Various mechanical repairs
CT10647L - Tucson, AZ Complete “on-frame” restoration.  We no longer perform this type restoration
CT10759L - Maineville, OH Various small mechanical repairs
CT12125L - Columbus, OH Numerous mechanical repairs to make driveable after many years in storage
CT15909 - Beavercreek, OH Gearbox-o/d rebuild and various other small repairs
CT17063L - Louisville, KY 90% of frame-up restoration - Owner assisted assembly.  Now owned by Macy’s Garage
CT17324L - Jacksonville, FL Complete frame-up restoration.  One family ownership since new!
CT18789L - Cincinnati, OH Various mechanical repairs
CT20634LO - KS City, KS Complete frame-up restoration.  Built from “thin air” using 3 parts cars!
CT25353LO - Largo, FL Currently receiving a complete frame-up restoration
CT25365L - Birmingham, MI Engine rebuild + various mechanical repairs
CT26999L - Mt Kisco, NY Major work - Replace rusted frame and floors without painting exterior body!
CT29831L - Anderson, IN Numerous mechanical repairs to return to driving condition following lengthy storage.
CT33076L - Dayton, OH Various mechanical repairs
CT37507L - Lk Providnce, LA Complete frame-up restoration,  Original owner!
CT37849L - Lk Geneva, WI Complete frame-up restoration
CT53319L - Merritt Isl, FL 90% of frame-up restoration - Owner assisted assembly
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CTC56683L - Dublin, OH Complete frame-up restoration.  Flawless Black!
CTC58420L - Crown Pt, IN Drivetrain overhaul plus just about everything else except body & paint
CTC61681L - Xenia, OH Various mechanical repairs + engine & gearbox o/h and overdrive conversion
CT68040L - Huber Hts, OH Numerous mechanical repairs plus interior work.  Some idiot turned left in front and totaled this car in 2009
CTC68144L - Painesville, OH Various mechanical repairs + interior & electrical work

This is how we spell EXPERIENCE!  -  Just a few of the Triumph TR4 and TR4A cars we’ve had here in our shop!

CT76089L - Boston, MA Complete frame-up restoration. Long term owner!
CT72166L - Springfield, OH Various mechanical repairs
CTC7088L - Nova, OH Multiple mechanical repairs
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© 2019 - Macy’s Garage, Ltd.
Macy’s Garage
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TR4/4A Gallery (Mobile device site) Just a sample of the TR4’s and 4A’s that we’ve had here in our shop.  To see over 30 more examples, visit our website on a large screen computer. CT217L - Toronto, Ontario, Canada CT288L - Tipp City, OH CT2868L - Sidney, OH CT10647L - Tuscon, AZ CT17324L - Jacksonville, FL CT20634LO - Kansas City, KS CT37507L - Lake Providence, LA CT53319L - Merritt Island, FL CTC56683L - Dublin, OH CTC58420L - Crown Point, IN